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Customer Testimonials

Marshall Automotive provide expert car servicing at reasonable prices. Friendly and courteous staff vaccuum your car inside and wash it outside as "part of the service"! Transportation before and after the service is offered free of charge!
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My compliments go to Gary and Wendy Marshall from Repco Auto Repair in Frankston, Victoria for first class car service (cam belt/water pump/aircon rebuild). After a much less-than-satisfactory experience with another local franchisee (Ultra Tune, Karingal), I would unreservedly recommend Gary and Wendy, who provided:
+ Competetive pricing
+ Detailed quotation
+ Phone response during day
+ Loan vehicle (if required)
+ Itemised invoice
+ Detailed labour costs breakdown
+ Free wash/vacuum/glass/tyres
+ A BIG smile at the end of a long day
+ Servicing discount coupon
+ No last-minute "Oh, we also had to replace your klingerfungus slackgrabber valve for $250... sorry 'bout that"
They'll certainly be getting our return business!
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