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Air Conditioning System Failure: Symptoms And Causes

There is a tell tale sign that the air conditioning system is not working: no cool air. Even though the result may be the same in many cases, the cause may differ. In order to understand what is causing a lack of cool air in your car or truck, here are some common symptoms and causes of air conditioning system failure.

  • When the compressor clutch is broken the compressor will not engage

  • Mold or dirt on the cabin filter may cause strange smells to fill the cabin

  • Air which is not getting cold enough may be caused by a failed o­ring which is leaking refrigerant gas

  • Air will not freely flow into the cabin when the ventilation fan is broken

  • When the expansion valve is frozen there will not be proper refrigerant flow in the air conditioning system

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You should drop off your car to a reputable workshop such as Marshall Automotive (AU16425) on a regular basis to make sure the air conditioning system continues performing in top conditon as well as having the mechanics check the condition of the whole vehicle.

Repco Authorised Service mechanics perform a 65 point Vehicle Inspection with every service and provide a heads up about any components that may need renewal in the near future or those that are already damaged beyond repair.

Marshall Automotive care about the environment and have Arctick Authorisation (AU16425) to reliably and responsibly conduct automotive air conditioning service in and around Frankston and the surrounding areas.

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