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Marshall Automotive can conduct a 65 Point Vehicle Inspection with your car service.

Mention this web page when you book your car in for any service and we will happily provide you with a fully itemised written report. 

During this visual inspection (carried out by a qualified mechanic) we will check 65 important areas of your car.  

The 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report can alert you to any issues before they impact you or your family and before they cost you extra time, stress and money.

Our Repco Auto-Tech trained mechanics are fully qualified to advise you on every aspect of car service and repair, across all makes and models of vehicles.  

 65 Point Vehicle Inspection

The Repco Authorised Service 65 point Vehicle Inspection Report offers you additional peace of mind.

Book a car service in Frankston with Marshall Automotive to ensure you are inspected and protected, because safety matters.

Make sure your car is safe and reliable for your next road trip with a 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report at Marshall Automotive - your local Repco Authorised Service centre in Frankston.

We love a good 'vehicle checklist' and always recommend one before you head out on your next adventure - but honestly - how many of us have the time? 

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Here at Marshall Automotive we go one step further: We do the checklist for you! 

Just bring your car in for any full service and ask for a FREE 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report.

We will check over your vehicle for you and give you a written report of anything that needs attention before your next road trip, leaving you free to worry about who's packing the Aeroguard!

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Why get a vehicle inspection before my holiday - My car is driving fine?

Taking your car out on the open road puts it through all kinds of stress that normal city driving just doesn't. Bumpy, winding and dirt roads, towing trailers, boats or vans, overtaking large heavy vehicles, sudden swerving or braking to avoid wildlife, lack of street lights and differing weather and road conditions are all factors that you or your vehicle don't normally have to deal with - and without having an expert check - how do you really know if your vehicle is safe and ready for what you are about to put it through?

At a bare minimum we suggest you must ensure your brakes, suspension and fluid levels are all in order before you leave on a road trip of any kind.

Why Check My Brakes Before a Road Trip?

Higher speeds on highways, sudden appearance of wildlife on the road, different types of roads and heavier loads, including vans and trailers, are all factors which make the stopping distance and reliability of your brakes even more important than normal. It is vital to know that your brakes are in their upmost performance condition before facing these situations.

Our 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report includes a check of your brake fluid, master cylinder, brake booster, pipes and connections, front and back discs and pads, callipers and cylinders and more to identify any areas of concern which you should be aware of, and may wish to consider before your trip.

Why Check My Car's Fluid Levels?

The fluids in your vehicle are like its blood - they carry out many important functions, and low fluids get even lower on a long haul - which is a major cause of country side breakdowns. With so many different things to remember before you leave - checking all the fluids in your car can sometimes be the last thing on your mind, and with so many special fluids to check how can you be sure you've done them all?

Our 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report will let you know if there are any signs of leaking or low levels of: Engine Oil, Transmission fluid, Power steering fluid, Engine Coolant, Brake fluid, Clutch fluid, and even Battery water levels.

Should I check my Suspension and Steering?

Yes. Many people believe that the suspension system is there just to give you a smooth ride - but in fact it is one of the most important components in your vehicle. The suspension system includes your struts, shocks, springs and tyres. All these components work together to keep your vehicle in proper contact with the road, maintain the direction of travel and improve stopping distance. Worn shock absorbers can add as much as 20% to your stopping distance, add to that high speeds, driver fatigue or bad road conditions and that’s the sort of fault that can be fatal.

A 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report will highlight any issues or concerns with your suspension system as the visual check includes: Front and Rear shocks, springs, mounts and shackles, suspension brushes and arms, steering rods, CV joints, tie rods and more.

Why Check my Wipers and Lights?

Country roads are notorious for affecting visibility. Dusty roads and lack of street lights during night drives means you have to be extra vigilant with ensuring your wipers and headlights are in perfect working order. You may not notice how bad your headlamp angles have become while driving in the city lights - until you're driving blind on a dark country road and by then its too late. Of course these things are all covered in our 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report.

See here for a full list of components covered in our 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report.

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